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The Elephant in the Room

Does anyone want to talk about how the breakdown of family, values and morality in our society has played a significant role on what's happening today with the mental health and anger issues of so many young people?

Disagree all day long, it doesn't change the fact that the family unit is broken. A society without morals, values, faith and family is one that is doomed to fail. There are more single-parent households today than ever before. I was a single mother for years, so I'm not judging. I’m not saying it can’t be done well, I have wonderful daughters, but it doesn’t negate the benefits of a two-parent household. Children need to feel safe and secure. A large part of this need is met with having two parents. That's why I always tell people, do whatever you need to make your marriage work or make sure you choose your life partner carefully. It's the greatest decision you'll ever make. It doesn't matter what those who oppose family say, children suffer when their parents divorce or they're living in a single-parent household. I'm a witness to it through my daughters. Too many fathers are abandoning their families to chase money, other women or having a mid-life crisis. We have fathers promising to show up for visits with their children, yet they never arrive. They promise "this time", I'll be there. This time comes and they're a no-show again. I can't count how many times my oldest daughters waited on the porch til dark for the bio father who promised, but NEVER showed up. I'd have to drag them in crying, "what did we do? why didn't he come?" We have mothers who are so broken from the hurts they've never dealt with that they're medicating themselves with drugs, alcohol or even men. We have mothers and fathers who parade men and women in and out of the door in front of their very confused, impressionable children. We have mothers who long to feel wanted bringing any tom, dick or harry around their children, and some of those same men end up abusing them in every way. We have parents whose children tell them someone has hurt them sexually, and they don't believe them or take the side of the abuser. Do you think this doesn't impact a child's view of themselves? We live in a society so obsessed and consumed with celebrity, making people famous for doing absolutely nothing of value. We live in a country addicted to pornography and child porn who support a multi-billion-dollar sex trafficking industry. A country that calls evil good and good evil. We have parents allowing their kids to LIVE on social media, giving them phones and access to things NOT appropriate for their growing minds, paying no attention to what they’re doing, who is preying on them or even who their friends are. Parents who use iPads, televisions or computer screens as babysitters. Children playing video games all day long. We have parents still speaking racism and hate in their homes and their children believe them. We live in a society that is ready to pounce, cancel or destroy anyone who doesn't agree with them or their way of life. We have teachers whose hands are tied in the classroom. All they can do is stand by and succumb to the physical and verbal abuse from their students, who have NO respect for authority. We have custodial parents filling their children’s ears about the other parent or keeping them from their absent parent altogether, because they’re still pissed off and have unresolved issues. Don’t they realize a child internalizes this to believe half of them is bad too? We live in a society which celebrates the killing of unborn children up to birth, and teach their children the same, which continues to diminish the value of life. Some of these same children asking themselves, "does my Mommy wish she'd aborted me?" We have people destroying others property out of sheer jealousy as they feel entitled to what someone else has worked hard for. We live in a country where children fall through the cracks because nobody is paying attention or just doesn't take the time to care. We have parents who go after school officials, coaches or referees with a vengeance if their child doesn’t play the position in sports, with no regard whether their child is even qualified or they’re infuriated is they fail to get a trophy. We live in a country that doesn't trust its own government anymore. If their lips are moving.. We live among those who despise or have lost all respect for our law enforcement, military and those in uniform. We live in a society that’s emasculated men for DECADES, instead of celebrating the important role they serve as a man, father or husband. We are surrounded by insanity, where calling a man a man or a woman a woman is grounds for attack; we sit back and allow the preposterous argument that a man can become pregnant; some parents confuse their children about their gender if they say or do anything resembling the opposite sex. We have an entire generation of people who believe they are OWED something, they want what they want when they want it and will take it however they can get it without any regard for anyone. We have adult children who treat or speak to or about their parents horribly, as their children watch and listen. We’ve kicked God out of EVERYTHING and are threatened to be destroyed, if we dare to speak of Him. We have a country that continues to ignore the growing population of those with mental health issues. We have parents who never hold their children accountable for anything they do or say, allowing them to continue disrespecting authority or their elders without consequences. We are raising children who are trusted with making adult decisions when they're looking to their parents for the answers. I could go on and on and on. We did not get here overnight. It's been a gradual decay. Now, we are paying the price. Sadly, I'm convinced, it’s a price far more than we ever bargained for and it’s only just beginning. 💔😢

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